Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wed, Nov 16

Mike Wardian comes in 2nd at Marine Corps Marathon with 2:26, then a week later runs a 2:22 at Santa Barbara, again a close bridesmaid.  He's running JFK50 this weekend, then look out TNF50!

Ugh, what drama. Thankfully ultrarunning hasn't gotten to this point.

'tis the season for winter brews.  What's your favorite?

Maybe this is why Tim Waggoner is so good on the hills. He's up before 4am running peaks like these.

Complete listing of screening for WS movie Unbreakable by JB Benna.  Looks like the screening at the WS Lottery might be a hot ticket!

Elusive bikini jogger fascinates San Francisco. Did Jenn Shelton move?


  1. Give me any brew by Goose Island, and I'd be happy. --eric

  2. Hey - get those podcasts out guys!