Thursday, December 29, 2011

New site!

I'll no longer be using this site for the URP Daily News. Instead, head to the dedicated page on the new and improved URP site here.

If you're having any trouble viewing it, hit refresh and clear your cookies and cache.

Thanks for following...see you on the new site!

Thurs, Dec 29

New running movie coming soon that I'm dying to see: Iten-The Town of Red Dust.

Across the Years is on! Check updates here. And please remind me to register for it next year, OK?

The 62 yo who ran the 100k on freakin' Antarctica this month has a very refreshing view on life.

Illinois sportswriter's list for 2012. Looks a bit like mine. Long, short, big, small, road, trail.

I'd love to run in New Zealand. One of the first guys I met on the trails was "Kiwi Paul" Charteris, who's now an RD there. Check out his race here.

Celebrities? Where?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wed, Dec 28

I guess I've never paid that much attention to my breathing.

Nick Clarke describes Fell Running in a race report.

Scott Dunlap disects the PCTR fiasco and his comment board blows up. I'll be looking forward to reliable, consistent, and fun events, whomever organizes them.

Ian Sharman lays out his plans for 2012 and offers some predictions.  I predict we'll talk to him before RR100.

If you're into tracking and sharing your ultra results, this might be a site you'll enjoy.

How do you pick a running partner? I generally look for friends who like to drink good beer afterwards and leave the math out of the (ironic) equation.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tues, Dec 27

Video: The Huff 50k had a bit of a water crossing this year. Wow!

This guy usually writes about running, but I tried his recipe for triple ginger cookies, and it was awesome.

Looks like Oregonians are set to dominate trail running's crazy cousin, cyclocross.

I want to have a beer with Dakota Jones. He's old enough, right?

Meet Kasie Enman, the World Mountain Running Champ.

Tackling two sports at once.

Video: I'd stress out running this, let alone riding it.

Life is different with 2 kids. I can already feel my schedule changing.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mon, Dec 26

Your First 50 Miler

Bryon checks out a demo of the new New Balance MT1010 that Anton talked about.

Sarah Lavendar Smith's favorite posts from 2011.

I ordered two copies of this. Thanks to Scott for pointing it out. Hear Scott here.

Devon Crosby Helms: Is Strong the New Skinny?

How Japanese high schoolers race. Wow! Hat tip to Don's Diary.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fri Dec 23

Blogger refutes this weeks NYT article on the fallibility of GPS watches.

Inside Trail Racing is live. Check out their calendar for California and start planning dates!

10 best moments in distance running for 2011. We'll be releasing our list soon, too.

Video: Downhill MTB.  Wouldn't  it be awesome to see downhill trail racing filmed like this?!? "Oh gawd, Danny, stay on your bike!"

Now this looks like a good time.  And check out the price!

Do you have a way point that guides your thinking and actions?

...and most importantly, have a very Merry Christmas. Now's a great time for winter brews, drive safe, run safe, and make sure you're healthy and ready for an awesome 2012.  Cheers!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thurs, Dec 22

Anton Krupicka talks about European trails compared to ours in the States.

Wow. Kenya had 37 different men break 2:08 in the marathon this year. Can't one of them jump into a 50M and realllllly make things interesting?

Want to go to running camp with Geoff Roes, Ian Sharman, and Devon Crosby Helms?  I do!

This guy is going to attempt a record Everest ascent in March with no oxygen and no sherpas. Karl would approve.

I'm sorry, did this article just recommend an REI product as a "budget gift?"  I must have a different budget.

I bet this question would be answered differently if asked of ultrarunners.