Monday, December 5, 2011

Mon, Dec 5

So there was a little race over the weekend in Marin. Bryon has the results here.  iRunFar's coverage was great, but how bad does TNF's site coverage SUCK?

Here's Ian Sharman's race report.

Did you get into Hardrock? I see Roes, Hal, Karl, Dom Grossman, Timmy Parr all did.

Uh-oh. Battle brewing over JFK50.

Top 10 running blogs?

When we interviewed Jenn Shelton last week, she said she wanted to run a 2:45 at Cal Int'l Marathon. Howabout a 2:44:58? Nice job Jenn!

...and there's Twietmeyer leading a pace group.

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  1. I'm "in" (7th on wait list) for Hardrock! Considering I nearly died at this year's HR, how much worse could it get? ;-)