Friday, December 23, 2011

Fri Dec 23

Blogger refutes this weeks NYT article on the fallibility of GPS watches.

Inside Trail Racing is live. Check out their calendar for California and start planning dates!

10 best moments in distance running for 2011. We'll be releasing our list soon, too.

Video: Downhill MTB.  Wouldn't  it be awesome to see downhill trail racing filmed like this?!? "Oh gawd, Danny, stay on your bike!"

Now this looks like a good time.  And check out the price!

Do you have a way point that guides your thinking and actions?

...and most importantly, have a very Merry Christmas. Now's a great time for winter brews, drive safe, run safe, and make sure you're healthy and ready for an awesome 2012.  Cheers!


  1. 1:37AM? I see that new addition is letting you do sleep deprivation training. :)

  2. Thanks Eric! Appreciate the mention. Get some sleep and you and the family have a great weekend.