Monday, August 22, 2011

Mon, Aug 22, 2011

Matt Carpenter has won Pike's Peak every year he's entered it since 1988.  Did he do it again? Of course.

Find your fitness and keep your endurance up.

Team URP runner Jesse Barragan on Sacramento Running News. Jesse was in a strong 2nd place, fell at mile 29, and hobbled in for a third place. Nicely done.

Transrockies is taking place right now. Max King's team is in 2nd, followed closely by Timmy Olsen's. Whew! And hey, Gordy's even there!  We'll be talking with Max from stage camp during the race.

Whew! Quite a weekend of running! Leadville goes to another Salomon athlete, and Dave Mackey breaks the Waldo 100k record. Yeah, he's also coming on our show soon, so get ready!

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