Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thurs, Aug 18, 2011

Want to complete in the Leadman? That's  the Leadville Trail Marathon run, Silver Rush 50 mountain bike or run, the Leadville Trail 100-mile mountain bike race, a 10K run, and the Leadville Trail 100-mile run. Holy. Crap.

Tony K speaks.  He's healed up, hiking, and ready to return to competition. 

Should RDs have to protect athletes from themselves?

The winner of Headlands Hundred has a great outlook on life and running.

Karl's got his odds up for Leadville, and I gotta say I agree. Duncan Callahan or Timmy Parr will run away with it.  Does Leadville have less hoopla this year with so much emphasis on UTMB? I think so.

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