Friday, October 21, 2011

Fri, Oct 21

The Onion: Kenyans just watching trail marathons for the crashes.

Is sitting ruining your running?

Toddler shows off perfect barefoot running form.

Kami Semick now lives in Hong Kong and keeps running into snakes.

"You can't shoot a cannon from a canoe" and other musings on long and slow Maffetone methods.

CorrectedTodd Braje, who's got a 5:30 50 miler to his name, will be attempting a second win at Tussey Mountain 50M this weekend. Wardian will also be there.  Should be a great race.


  1. Hey guys, I'm as much a fan of Todd Braje as anyone, but he HAS lost a 50mi--he was 4th in the 2008 American River 50--and I am 100% positive that at least a half-dozen Americans (and probably way more) have run faster than 5:30 for 50mi. I can't find any kind of definitive list or record anywhere, but I know for sure that Frank Bozanich--who you just interviewed--has run in the 5:12 region for 50 miles.

  2. Anton-
    Brain fart. How could I forget that American River? Classic race.
    Bad morning for fact checking! I was thinking of Todd's 5:30 as fastest for that year. Again, my mistake.
    Frank's record is 5:05 in 1979. Smoooooking!
    Thanks for staying on it! All is corrected.