Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tues, Oct 25

Video: Wanna see Killian chasing Marco deGaspari down some stairs? Whew! Hat tip to GZ for the find.

Dan Rose (Run 192 guy) runs a fatass 100 miler across Cape Cod, with some beautiful pics.

Guinness wants the 100 yo marathoner to prove his age, despite India not issuing birth certificate when he was born. Come on, now.

I still haven't tried the new Brooks PureConnect, but this reviewer says they're too narrow. Sounds good to me!

Boys XC runner leads team to win 3 weeks after suffering a stroke. Wow.


  1. Umm ... in fairness gents, I got that from IT.

    Damn Eric - for an west coast guy you are up early.

    BTW - I wonder if you guys know anything about HSer running ultra distances? In my debut 100 there was a HS junior running the 100. He pulled out at 78 miles, but ... DAMN. Seemed a bit crazy but we do see more youth engaging in the events these days. I guess I think that a marathon is more than long enough for most HSers.

  2. George-I'm an early riser. Most of my quality runs are done by 5:45, so I often get up 3 or 4 to run. I've also got a toddler and a pregnant wife, so I don't have a lot of say in the matter.

    In terms of HS runners doing longer stuff, the first guy who comes to mind is Michael Kanning. He was/is from the Bay Area, I remember watching him run back in '07 or so when he was 17, IIRC. Had some good times, came in top 3 at a few races, (low 7s for 50M), but then went off to UC Santa Cruz and kind of dropped off the radar.

    There was also James Bonnett. Really impressive times, but he, too, dropped off the radar. I just read somewhere that he's back in shape and running again.

    There was also a kid who used to run in our group in Auburn. Can't remember his name, but he'd completed one 100 and kept petitioning Greg S to waive the age requirement for Western States. Never happened.

    I agree, seems a bit much for a high schooler. Not just the distance, but come on, we know how much time it takes to train, and those guys should be out chasing girls and getting in trouble.

  3. Here's the piece on James Bonnett:

  4. Yeah - I remember reading that one on Bonnett (a buddy of mine, Mock wrote that article). I guess it is one thing to read an article about some HS kid doing ultras, but it is different to see someone doing it (sort of like that woman at Chicago who ran the marathon and then gave birth a few hours later).