Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween edition!

Tim (footfeathers) is headin out West to help Sarah run PCTR and some of the most beautiful runs in the country.  Welcome back to California Tim!

Wardian takes second at MCM on Sunday with a 2:23 and change. That's still scaaaaary fast.

Got buckle but no belt? This ultrarunner/leather artist is filling the void.

Scary: This runner had blisters during an 1,100km jaunt, they got infected, and as a result, had a leg and a foot amputated.

Colorado announces it's entry into the PAC12 conference by sweeping both mens and womens races at the xc champs.  What the heck are they drinking in that state?!?

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  1. Thanks much, Eric. Really appreciate it and am incredibly excited to be working with Sarah at PCTR. Look forward to meeting you and the other folks who help with your great site.