Monday, October 24, 2011

Mon, Oct 24

So they have jerks who move trail markers in Africa, too? Kevin Chen gets lost during 250k stage race across the Kalahari.

Endurance swimmer sums it up right: “My philosophy is, you have to have the right screw loose to be a good endurance athlete.  You look at the best ones, they’re crazy.”

Karl is talking about putting on a big $ hundo at Snowbird. 

Tim Englund wins Laz's crazy Backyard Ultra.  Zach Gingerich wins Des Plaines 50M with a 5:37 and Wardian takes USATF Champs Tussey Mountain 50Mwith a new CR 5:33.  Frank Bozanich, 67, turns in an 8:32.  Also, Seth Wold sets a new CR at Pony Express with a 7:17. 

List: "7 races to get you started in ultrarunning." Two of them are hundreds?

Blind HS XC runner runs with a guide dog. Not too long until I see that at an ultra, I'd imagine...


  1. Jay Aldous ran a 6:30 50mi split en route to a CR of 15:06 in the Pony Express 100! Fast day at the PE100.

  2. Woooooh! I didn't know his first half was that fast! Crazy day at the races! Now if we could get all these guys in the same place at the same time...