Friday, October 28, 2011

Fri, Oct 28

Tomorrow is the Sacramento Halloween Beer Mile. I'll be there, representing URP in all its glory. Next weekend is Lithia Loop Trail Marathon in Ashland. More running, but also more beer.

These elites have rigorous warm up routines. Mine has generally been get up, have some food and coffee, head to the start, and hang out until the RD says "go!"

Sorry we've been slow these past two weeks. Work is busy.

Dan Parr breaks the CR in a 250k Sahara run.

Thoughts on icebaths. More directed towards elite track, but still interesting.

Road running Jen Pfeifer turns to trail ultras and discusses the differences.


  1. My elite warm up for Pony Express 7am start last weekend:
    -Lie in the back of my car wrapped in blankets until 6:45am
    -Eat a Clif bar while in blankets
    -Crawl out of car to look for running shoes (race begins)
    -Fill water bottle (runners are out of sight)
    -Walk stiffly (slept in car) through start line and start lumbering down the road
    I'm pretty intense with this routine, so it's best not to talk to me before a race.