Monday, July 18, 2011

Mon, July 18, 2011

Woops. Looks like I screwed up the VT100 update.  Arnstein took the win in the final few miles. Thanks for catching that!  No more beer in the morning.

The WMAs are done.  Jean Pommier, Scott Dunlap, and Annette Bednosky all did well in the marathon.  Funny, when watching a marathon, it's easy to pick out the ultrarunners...they're carrying their own bottles.

18yo old lad runs around Tasmania for 27 days. He did it for charity, but it sounds like a nice vacation.

I just realized I'll probably be in Utah for the X-Terra Trail Run Championships.  Anyone ever been?

Mike Wardian will return to Kauai to run 52 seconds faster than last year.

Sports writer finally realizes that he loves watching the Tour de France.


  1. Definitely go for the XTerra race if you are there. I did the last couple in Bend, OR, and they do a great job putting on a fun race and having lots for the kids to do. Plus there is usually ample beer around afterward.

  2. I'm convinced. We're going on a 5 week roadtrip in our motorhome and should be there around that time. Sounds awesome! I'm also looking for other races/runs around the country...