Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sun, July 10, 2011

Full Hardrock results here.

If you're in Sacramento and haven't made your way to the World Masters Track events yet, you're missing out. It's free, exciting, and incredibly motivating.

Badwater runner knows what it's like to hurt, both physically and mentally.  Great story here.

Ouch! A 3 mile, 2500' climb during the SOB 50k.  Max King and Jenn Shelton win it.  Sounds like that event might have to make it on my calendar.

The scariest half mile of your life.

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  1. Agree on the Masters Track & Field. Stopped by yesterday to get my packet for the marathon, and saw a 101 year old doing the shot put as part of the throws pentathlon...farther than I could, mind you...

    I can only hope to be fit as these guys in another 50 years!