Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wed, July 27, 2011

Boston stud Geoffrey Mutai wins the 10k in Castelbuono with a 29:05.

We're waiting for the weather to cooperate so Diana Nyad can make her epic endurance swim from Cuba to Florida.  Check out the numbers, then remember she's 61.

Meanwhile, Lisa Bliss is underway in her 145 mile solo, unsupported Badwater crossing. She's pulling/pushing a 240 pound cart full of water. Two hundred and forty damn pounds to the top of Mt. Whitney. Watch her SPOT beacon here.

Looks like Roes is back in form, winning Crows Pass for a third straight year.

Prepaid IV fluids at the Leadville finish? Huh? Read Thornley's take on it here and AJW's and Rod Bien's in the comments. 

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