Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jurek offers tips for running in the hot hot heat.

Vermont 100 bans headphones. I understand, but how about making a rule you can only have one earbud in?

Badwater live updates are here.

Looks like ultrastud Jean Pommier will be running the 10k and Marathon at the WMA's this week.  Not sure if Sacramento is as nice as running around the Palace of Fountainbleau, but hey...

How long does it take to see the benefits from a good workout?  Find out here.

Has anyone put any miles on the new Brooks Ghost 4? I've been wondering how it compares to the good ol' Adrenaline?


  1. I picked up the new Ghost's about 4 weeks ago, and they work pretty darn well. I have, though, jinxed myself by transitioning to a more minimalist shoe over the past 6 months and the Ghost feels like a heavy, heavy weight on my feet. It performs fine, great ride, but sheesh it sure feels heavy compared the Green Silence or NB Minimus Trail

  2. That's funny, Chris. I generally run in either the Green Silence or the Mach 9 xcountry flats, and every time I lace up my old Adrenaline's, I make it about 5 minutes, turn around, and change shoes.
    Thanks for reading the blog...